The most important system you can build into your life for personal growth and productivity.

Inspired by David Allen’s Getting Things Done, the weekly review is a time to reflect on different levels and reset for the next week. Specifically, you:

  1. Clear papers from your bag and desk
  2. Look over your calendar
  3. Review your work to do list
  4. Review other lists like personal to dos, shopping list, etc
  5. Reflect on your long term goals

It may seem like a lot, but once you start you’ll quickly forget how you ever managed without it.

First, pick a day/time of the week that you think you can stick to. I do Friday mornings since I’m a morning person and it works fairly well with my schedule.

To make it a satisfying experience and hold myself accountable, I use an app called Streaks.

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Then when you do your weekly review, each goal will light up when you complete it. If you miss a week, the count will start over at 1.

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