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I expect that my new year’s resolution to ‘create good content monthly’ will be one of the more challenging ones on the list, so I figured it makes sense to start dipping my toes in the blog-water now. (Gross?)

2016 was pretty big for me. Most notably, I graduated from USC with a Masters of Science in Business Analytics. What does that mean, you ask? As one of my professors once summarized nicely, “[Business analytics] is the study of how to monetize data. It’s a lot of thinking.” Indeed, the work is challenging and fun, it crosses every discipline, and the timing is right, so I’m incredibly excited to share distilled knowledge in the coming years.

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Business analytics — poised to bring tech buzzwords from hype to productivity

This year, I plan to continue working for the LA mayor’s data team where I’ve worked for the past year (see our 2016 year in review!) while pursuing some personal projects related to analytics. I hope you will join me on the journey here and on twitter (@pwnerchelsea).

And of course, a few 2016 shoutouts:

Musical artist: Late Night Radio, particularly this mix.

Book: Ghettoside by Jill Leovy

Trip: First time truly backpacking to the Channel Islands (Santa Cruz).

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Towards a 2017 of content creation, being a better human, and more fun times and nice views!

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